ITG Chile signs a strategic alliance for energy sustainability in chlean aquaculture

In an effort to drive sustainability and energy efficiency in the Chilean aquaculture industry, three prominent companies have come together in a strategic alliance. Saesa Innova, ITG, and Andesvolt have announced the signing of an agreement aimed to support the transformation of energy outlook in Chilean aquaculture.

 Saesa Innova, a subsidiary of the Saesa Group, is  recognized for its strong commitment with innovation and sustainability in the Chilean electrical system. With a clear vision of leadership in energy project development, the company offers solutions with  focus on efficiency and the use of renewable energies. On the other hand, Andesvolt, renowned for its BESS energy storage technology developed in Chile, stands as a leading company in the design and manufacturing of energy storage systems tailored to various applications. Their participation in this alliance ensures integration of advanced and efficient solutions in energy supply, with customized designs to meet the specific needs of each client. To complete this collaboration, ITG Chile, with its 25 years experience in the aquaculture industry, stands out as a provider of excellence in technology and services, which will make a significant contribution to marketing  energy solutions in this sector.

This agreement aims primarily to  manage and develop energy projects that drive sustainable growth in the national aquaculture industry. Starting from March 2024, they will offer a hybrid system designed to reduce, control, and optimize fuel-generated energy consumption, ensuring a safe and sustainable supply for daily operations in salmon farming processes in Chile.

Continuous optimization of energy supply service offers a comprehensive solution that includes system design, equipment rental, installation, commissioning, maintenance, and constant monitoring. It stands out for its hybrid energy feeding approach, combining generators and BESS lithium batteries to maximize efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The benefits of this alliance for the aquaculture industry are significant. In addition to simplifying and reducing operating costs for producers, it ensures a safe and reliable energy supply, promotes environmental sustainability, and offers specialized technical support to maintain optimal system operation.


With this agreement, Saesa Innova, ITG, and Andesvolt are taking an important step towards a more sustainable and efficient energy future for the Chilean aquaculture industry, demonstrating their shared commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility.

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