About Us

ITG Chile is a company with more than 20 years of experience as a provider of technologies and services for the aquaculture industry, both nationally and internationally.

ITG Chile

We develop technologies and services to support the production of the aquaculture industry.

We specialize in underwater cameras, 100% digitally-powered monitoring systems, and environmental monitoring and IOT solutions.

We offer customized solutions in automation and control, high-efficiency feeding systems for the different stages of the production cycle in collaboration with our partners.


MultiFeeder, a Norwegian company with a presence in Chile since 2006, was a pioneer in having the technology to simultaneously feed all the cultivation units of a production center.

Our Mission

ITG Chile is dedicated to providing the best equipment solutions and technological services for production management in the aquaculture industry. Our systems are locally developed in collaboration with our partners, with a focus on maximizing the efficiency and sustainability of production processes and adapting to our client’s needs.


Our Vision

To lead the aquaculture market in feeding monitoring systems, artificial viewing and IOT solutions, as well as consolidating business lines with our partners to offer integrated solutions in production management.


We develop comprehensive solutions and services with a focus on customer service and a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Technologies For Aquaculture Production

We deliver comprehensive solutions through MULTIFEEDER Feeding Systems and ITG OPTIC feeding monitoring systems that serve the productivity and sustainability of the aquaculture industry.


Our teams, systems, and services are the foundation of your profitability.


Our specialized technical knowledge keeps us at the forefront of adapting, configuring, and developing new products and services for the aquaculture industry.


Our clients count on the safety, quality, and experience of our team for the installation and maintenance of every product.

Oxygenation systems based on Nanobubble generation technology, providing solutions with high efficiency in oxygen delivery and with the highest capacity on the market.

Our Partners

We have consolidated alliances with other companies in the field, which allows us to offer more comprehensive and complementary solutions.


Link up!

We integrate, innovate, connect and develop solutions around the world so that a good idea becomes a great business, allowing different platforms and technologies to work together efficiently and productively.



Experts in point-to-point links with wireless bandwidth of 300 Mbps and with a maximum Ethernet level of 90 Mbps. Frequencies granted in the area 5,150 MHz up to 5380 Mhz.

ITG Chile

Collaborating to offer a comprehensive solution to every client.

Our Clients