AI to optimize fish feeding

SCAPP has been developed to promote sustainability in the aquaculture industry. In response to our customer’s needs, this innovative tool optimizes the feeding process and minimizes unconsumed pellets. This not only reduces costs, but also contributes to the conservation of the seabed, thus contributing to responsible and efficient aquaculture practices.

SCAPP’s AI analyzes the monitoring system during feeding.

If unconsumed pellet is detected, the software highlights it with a red circle.

Adjustable alert parameters generate visual and audible signals.

Alerts allows to adjust the feed efficiently and in a timely manner.

SCAPP’s AI analyzes the monitoring system during feeding in real time. It detects unconsumed pellets and highlights them with a red circle on the screen. Additionally, SCAPP has adjustable alert parameters that generate visual and audible signals. These alerts enable operators to make timely decisions and generate reports, facilitating efficient feed adjustment, optimizing the process, reducing costs, and protecting the seabed.


And be part of the final phase of our testing period.

Your participation is crucial to ensure that the software adjusts to both the general and specific requirements of your feeding strategy. With your assistance, we can fine-tune reports and consider relevant indicators that facilitate decision making.
At ITG, we specialize in developing technology customized for our clients. Join us in the development of this innovative tool and contribute to perfecting software that will revolutionize aquaculture management.

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