Fluctus Presents Innovative Aquaculture Feeding System at Aquaspeech

On Friday, March 15th, “AquaSpeech, Future Industry” Seminar brought together leaders from the aquaculture industry in Puerto Varas. The event provided a platform to exchange knowledge and experiences with distinguished speakers from Chile, Argentina, Korea, and Norway, discussing crucial topics for the industry’s future.

In this context,Fluctus, our new technology partner, had a remarkable participation with a speech presented by Knut Bjarte, Fluctus’ Sales Manager, titled “Water Feeding Systems, Cost and Environmental Care.” The revolutionary “Waterborne Feeding System” was introduced during the exposition with focus in innovation in aquaculture feeding.

Designed by Fluctus, this system not only offers feeding efficiency but also addresses environmental issues by reducing microplastic emissions and energy consumption, a significant reduction in environmental noise and a decrease in the generation of feed waste and dust.

With a decades-long track record in developing and delivering feeding systems, Fluctus team has completed over 1,000 projects, solidifying its position as a reliable, innovative, and environment-committed provider. Fluctus’ participation in Aquaspeech not only confirms its commitment to quality and sustainability but also demonstrates its ability to lead the industry towards a more promising and responsible future.

The agreement between Fluctus and ITG Chile is a significant milestone in the global expansion of both companies, promoting innovation and excellence in the aquaculture industry.

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