Sphere Mobile Camera

Monitoring Solutions, Underwater


The SPHERE underwater camera with its two mobile motion cameras PT. Its upper and lower chambers allow vertical movement of 180° and horizontal movement of 360° each, providing a wide flexibility in feeding control, fish visualization and in general review of mortality and artifacts inside the cage.


SPHERE Cameras work in conjunction with ITG Winches allowing the camera to be positioned where the operator wishes to observe.


SPHERE mobile digital underwater cameras are connected to ITG IO Control communication stations that allow connecting 2 cameras and 2 winches, transmitting video and data signals by fiber optics or wirelessly to

the monitoring station where we can view all of the images simultaneously and control the movement of cameras and winches with our Site Controller visualization software in an easy and intuitive way.


The high quality of the images, its versatility and low maintenance level make the SPHERE line of digital cameras an essential piece of equipment in fish farming, maximizing the profitability of the business.